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Democracy, the balance between Socialism and Capitalism


by j0zf on Sunday January 23rd, 2011 3:04 pm

Democracy is the score of all the decisions of the common man and it provides balance between Socialism and Capitalism.  Democracy is not Capitalism, When Capitalism rules supreme the rich are in charge and they greedily milk their wealth from the common man.  Democracy is not Socialism, When Socialism rules supreme the needs of many are, in theory, met but the unproductive man tends to require an uneven benefit of the value generated by the working man and thus stagnating society at the point when the needs of many must be supported by the efforts of the few.

It's up to Democracy, the true voice of the people, to shout for what our socioeconomic system requires at any given time.  A duality has been established, It seems like Liberalism and Socialism have merged their agendas, and Conservatism and Capitalism have teamed up to fight the opposition in kind, thus effectively strengthening this natural tug of war on the power over men. 

The problem is that today Capitalism has deceived the common man into thinking Capitalism is synonymous with Democracy, and it presents argument that those who oppose Capitalism are in-fact the opposition to Democracy and consequently are portrayed as a threat to Democracy when in fact this suppressive behavior enacted by Capitalism is the true threat to Democracy. 

I have a great fear there exist enough men who do not realize this difference between Democracy and Capitalism, and because of that lack of insight they will push too hard for Capitalism in spite of their own needs, and the strength of this push will disrupt the natural balance of Socialism and Capitalism and it will cause the suppression of Democracy and inevitably the ruin of the common man.
Comment By Anonymous On Sunday January 23rd, 2011 11:05 pm 
i agree. i think we all, as common people and congress people, need to go back and re-learn the correct definitions of the words that are flung about with no thought. Democracy being one of those words. How we talk about things and of things become the things themselves, we need to tread lightly with our rushed words regarding our government and Constitution. Ideas and concepts begin with our definitions of them and if we cannot come to common ground then we will always be chasing our tails no matter what "side" you find yourself on.
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